Partnership Opportunity - Light Jet - Chesterfield, MO

Arch Aviation is actively looking for parties who are interested in partnering in a Citation CJ3 or similar light jet aircraft in Q2 2022.

Sole-ownership of an aircraft is very expensive, but comes with the ultimate flexibility and peace of mind. One of the best ways to enjoy your own personal jet aircraft while drastically lowering costs is through a partnership. Partners will enjoy the flexibility and reliability of their own aircraft and pilots while splitting the fixed costs of ownership. These costs exist whether the airplane flies or not, and are a large portion of an annual budget. Below is an introduction to the Citation CJ3 as well as a breakdown of costs associated with owning and operating this kind of aircraft.

From Sherpa Report:

"The Citation CJ3, also known by its model number 525B, was first delivered in 2004 and was the third model in the line up of the popular CitationJet, abbreviated to CJ series. This article walks through the specifications and the various costs of ownership for the CJ3, including a scenario that includes charter revenue.

The CJ3 was relatively unchanged until 2014 when it was certified with the Garmin G3000 avionics suite, LED lighting, an upgraded interior, and renamed the CJ3+. Prior to that, the CJ3 was equipped with the Proline 21 Rockwell Collins avionics suite. For those new to aviation the avionics suite is the display and computers that interface with all of the aircraft systems. It provides the pilot with the necessary information required to pilot and navigate the aircraft.


The CJ3 is powered by two Williams International FJ-44-3A turbofan power plants that produce 2820lbs of thrust each, and it can seat up to 9 passengers depending on how the interior is configured. The aircraft has two separate baggage compartments, easily accommodating several golf bags and plenty of baggage. This is a benefit over some of its competitors, as they would need to place the larger items, such as the golf clubs, in the cabin aisle between the seats or in the aft seats of the cabin.

The aircraft has a respectable range between 1,700nm and 1,800nm with two pilots and two passengers and their baggage, making it a great aircraft for regional travel and the occasional coast to coast trip. As depicted in the range map (below), from Dallas the aircraft can make most locations on both East and West Coasts without making a fuel stop.


One great aspect of the CJ series is that they are certified for single pilot operations, which allows added flexibility for the owner operator that will pilot the aircraft themselves. Those who fly the Cessna CJ3 single pilot, say that the Proline 21 cockpit can be a handful in a busy airport environment, while others find it easily manageable. For those who will operate the aircraft with professional pilots, the three screen Proline 21 avionics make cockpit resource management highly efficient."

Our aviation consultants at Arch Aviation have put together a cost breakdown for your information. Please see below and contact us for more information.
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